The National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) is demanding cigarette manufacturer RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co. to cease a promotional campaign for Camel cigarettes which according to the group targets children.In a letter to the second largest tobacco manufacturer, the group wrote that Reynold’s campaign has an evident appeal towards children
Almost 250 million women in the entire world are smoking every day. About 22 percent of women in countries which are developed and 9 percent of women in countries which are developing smoke tobacco. In Asia many women are chewing tobacco.       Of course cigarette smoking is declining among women in countries
Days before a new federal ban on making tobacco products using the words “light” or other terms that might imply a safer smoke, federal regulators on Thursday sent a stern letter to the Altria Group, maker of the cigarettes known as Marlboro Lights.The Food and Drug Administration asked Altria about
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