Feminized cigarette brands for vitality.

Almost 250 million women in the entire world are smoking every day. About 22 percent of women in countries which are developed and 9 percent of women in countries which are developing smoke tobacco. In Asia many women are chewing tobacco.




Of course cigarette smoking is declining among women in countries which are already developed. Like example we have: Canada, Australia and UK and the

USA. But this trend we can not find in all developed countries. In a few countries from eastern, central and southern European countries cigarette smoking is either still increasing among women or has not shown any decline.

The tobacco industry is promoting cigarettes to women using seductive images of vitality, sophistication, modernity, slimness, emancipation and sexual allure.

Tobacco companies have now produced a range of brands especially for women.

Most notable are the “women only” brands: these feminized cigarettes are long, extra-slim, low-tar, light-colored or menthol.

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