Marlboro Cigarettes are the best selling brand in United States of America

 Buy cheap Marlboro Cigarettes Here  Marlboro cigarette brand in the entire world represents a premium brand made by Philip Morris International. These cigarettes are named after a very well known London factory located on Great Marlborough street. Till 1924 Marlboro cigarettes were considered to be woman's cigarettes and the slogan which was used back then was "Mild as May".Now it is a well known brand in the whole world. People are not aware of the fact that in the beginning these cigarettes were for women only and filter of these branded cigarettes was of pink color that helped in concealing lipstick's mark but now it is easily available for masses.

  Marlboro cigs are on top of all the cigarettes in the world. It has an enormous demand from people. Today is a very well known brand everywhere and it is the best selling cigarette brand in the USA. Many of us don't know that from the beginning these cigarettes were manufactured for women only and that the filter was of pink color, because woman always liked to wear lipstick.

  If a smoke lover is asked which the best selling brand of cigarettes is, the answer will be Marlboro cigarettes, without a second thought. This brand has a very nice taste and a soothing flavor. That is why this brand is on top of other cigarettes. Day by day Marlboro brand is becoming more popular among occasional smokers and chain smokers.

 Another interesting question is why Marlboro cigarette brand is so popular?

There existed a few factors which influenced the leadership position of this brand. Many cigarette brands have increased the nicotine content during the passing years, but Marlboro has the same amount of nicotine like it was in the beginning.  All people believe that for a product, the quality is very important. Many years passed by, but the high quality of Marlboro cigarettes hasn't decreased. It is very important to know that Marlboro has a big success, because he has kept its originality.

This brand of cigarettes has identified itself with the cowboys, among the American types of masculinity. Marlboro advertisements are using horses, unlike using jeeps. By using horses they show their originality for masculinity and heroics. In other brands the masculinity test is missing.

The popularity of this brand is also that almost 70 % of smokers prefer to buy this brand only. And in conclusion we can see that this brand is so special if it attracts so many persons towards it. From these cigarettes you can get only pleasure and satisfaction.

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